I was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and have been living in Milan, Italy for 10 years. Before landing here, I spent 4years in the UK where I completed my BA in English Language and Literature at King’s College London and my MA in Early Medieval Studies at the University of York (totally useful to everyday life I swear!).

Very different from growing up in a 4 bedroom house on an acre and a half of land in suburbia, I live in an 83 square metre apartment in the Italian city that’s adopted me.

Living in Italy may sound romantic, fashionable and cool, but it’s not always sunshine and unicorns when you’re sitting around in a crowded public office dealing with paperwork. I must be pretty masochistic to want to live here, right? Guess so, but after nearly a decade here, I can say that although I still get a serious case of itchy feet and start dreaming about going to live in Paris or maybe a mountain village in Peru, I guess I have really finally put down roots. (Oh, did I mention that I’ve moved 13 times over the past 15 years? Must have been an allergic reaction to having lived in the same house from birth to age 19!) The rest of the time, Milan is totally sunshine and unicorns, I swear! I mean, I have a gelateria across the street and a panificio next door! That’s like the same as heaven, right?!

Pirandello would be proud of me admitting that I wear many many masks. I am an artist’s wife, a mother, a writer, a translator, an English professor, an anglosaxonist (sounds a little racist, but it puts me in league with Tolkien!), a yogi, a cat lover, a half decent chef, an almost vegetarian, a soloist in my living room and damn good dancer when no one’s looking. I also attempt at being a photographer (unless otherwise stated, the photos here are taken by yours truly), but for the most part, I’m a dreamer like everyone else (I believe this about the rest of humanity mostly because John Lennon said it).

In the mornings, you’ll find me having a cappuccino and writing in a café, after 4, you’ll find me at the park with my preschooler and at 9 pm, I’ll be relaxing on the sofa watching Rai Storia (and praying it’s not another documentary on Il Duce!) with my husband. Everything in-between is an adventure in Becoming Milanese.


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