5 things to accomplish in 2017


I’ve never really made New Year’s resolutions. 1 January was just another day to me and until I was 23, my life followed the academic calendar anyway. However, as the years have gone by, and I’m supposed to be “adulting” (I totally missed out on the Adulting 101 course when it was being offered apparently), I’ve had to learn that the New Year doesn’t have to be full of silly resolutions like go to the gym 3 times a week and stop eating junk food cold turkey, but can be a time to reflect on what has happend over the last year (like deciding to not continue doing a job I hated and take my chances believing that I’m worth more!)  and choose some of the things I’d like to accomplish over the next trip around the sun. So, if you’re like me and you don’t like the idea of “resolutions”, but want some ideas of goals that you definitely can accomplish this year, here are 5 goals that I think are pretty damn attainable for 2017.

1 Travel more!
I was very fortunate to have travel opportunities throughout 3 continents before I finished high school, but I have to admit that since then I haven’t done as much travelling and I when I look back at my 18-year-old self, I imagined I would have travelled so much more by now. So, this year I’ve decided to take advantage of more travel opportunities and also use this as an opportunity to show my daughter more of the world we live in. I’m happy to say that our first mini vacation is lined up for just after New Years and will not only be a completely new experience for my daughter, but for me as well!

2 Start a savings plan… with a goal in mind!
Whether you already have a retirement plan or not, why not create your first or even a second or third savings plan.  I started my private pension plan late and I regret it, but at least I have it. If you don’t have one yet, start this year! If you already do, how about trying investing or another way of saving money for a future project… that trip to Thailand? Or a down payment on a house? If you start today, you’re one step closer than you were yesterday. So now that I have a retirement plan, I plan on establishing a second savings plan for some shorter-term projects.

3 Move your body
This does not mean you need to sign up for a marathon on New Year’s Day, all it means is move your body more than you usually do. Can you walk there? Do it. Is it raining? Ok, take the bus today and walk another day! And you don’t need any fancy gym memberships or expensive yoga classes. There are thousands of YouTube videos that you can check out for whatever you’re looking for. My favourite online yoga instructors are Yoga by Candace, who has an excellent blog and app to compliment her YouTube channel, and Yoga with Adriene, whose sense of humour makes even the most difficult poses worth laughing through. And we’ve all heard about HIIT, right? My DIY HIIT often involves good old jumping jacks or dancing around to music in my living room. Yes, that’s me dancing during work breaks! It’s a perk of working from home!

4 Drop the guilt!
Ok, this fits in well after what I’ve just suggested above. Ok, so you’ve decided to get more exercise, or try a plant-based diet for 2017 or some other more traditional “resolution”, but you sprain your ankle or eat cheese at a party. The world is still turning! Drop the guilt! It’s not worth it. Live your life. Plus, I like cheese!

5 Write more
Whether you journal, write short stories, poetry, are a seasoned journalist or are thinking about starting a blog, write more. For me writing is as essential as oxygen. And I can also tell when I haven’t been writing enough. I get very frustrated and no one wants a grumpy Roanna in the house. Even cutting edge antidepressants can’t fix that, only pen and paper.

Happy New Year! May 2017 be your best yet!



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