that mini holiday in Trentino


Recently (ok, in reality it was nearly 3 months ago), we took a short trip to Folgaria in Trentino. The mountains are where my husband used to holiday with his grandparents in the summertime and it’s remained a favourite place of his. I, on the other hand, am not used to the heart palpitations of riding up and down the curvy mountainside and we sort of weren’t prepared for the Exorcist-worthy sick that happend in the backseat 3 km from our destination. (Note: my husband now keeps a bag with a roll of paper towels in the trunk and I’ve taken a preference for the seaside to avoid it flat out!)

What can I say about Trentino?

  • Well, I inadvertently booked us into a hotel run by the Little Nuns of the Sacred Family. I probably should have grasped this since the hotel was called Casa Santa Maria.  Wynne’s reflections upon seeing the statue of the Virgin Mary standing on a serpent include: “Abbraccia“… that is, the Virgin Mary wants to hug us. Guess my MA thesis in representitions of the Dormition is coming back at me and pushing me towards another degree in Theology. The hotel was clean, the mere mortals who worked there were very friendly and I faced my fear of nuns each morning at breakfast. (Honestly, I kind of wanted a nun hug, but didn’t know how to ask!) They also put a DVD on in their basement game and TV room for our daughter each evening, which for her was like going to the cinema in her pyjamas and for me was a visit to one of my favourite childhood cartoon films, Thumbelina!
  • Trentino is also the place where 4 lunch/dinner meals out of 5 we (or more precisely, I!) had to order spätzel with tomato sauce, because it was THE ONLY THING she wanted to eat. We enjoyed sharing them “family style” each time (because there was no way I was going to eat gnocchetti verdi at every single meal!), but secretly we’ve vowed to not eat them again until next winter! If you’re stopping in Folgaria, be sure to eat at Ristorate da Ugo. We ate our first meal there and  then decided to eat every single meal there,  because everything was SO GOOD. Especially the  spätzel, obviously! We also recommend their gulasch, the canederli in broth or served with gulasch sauce, which was something like heaven on a plate. And that’s coming from an almost vegetarian!
  • Finally, Trentino is the place where we realised exactly how much a city girl our daughter is. You know gnats? Those little annoying tiny insects that fly around your head on nature walks? Well, she was terrified. Guess it’s an incentive to return, right?




Since this trip, we’ve more recently (honestly, really recently!) been to the Ligurian seaside… The land of focaccia and cappuccino for breakfast and trofie al pesto for lunch. Next year my husband can go to the mountains, but I’m already planning a couple weeks at the seaside so Wynne and I can be living it up Portofino style!